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    Delphi XE2 source code included - Permanent Clips/Macros for copying and pasting automation - Picture, Rich Text, File Copy, Unicode, HTML support - Highly configurable - Win7 Jumplist support - Optional Clipboard Bar -- clipboard viewer - Optional Global Clipboard to shares clips with other Windows and Android devices Changes in v5.22 [download replaced by above version] (Permanent Clips/Macros) Fix: issue resetting global hotkey New: added mouseclick keystroke (Window: Popup) Fix: issue with blank shortcut key (Misc) Fix: issue with system tray tooltip Changes in v5.21 [download replaced by above version] (Window: Popup) New: replaced warning dialogs when showing the Popup with visual cue Fix: display time improved Fix: crash if hotkey pressed before creating/updating clip database Fix: focus issue with Permanent Clips when using Pin to Desktop mode Fix: minor icon drawing issue for menus shorter than 16 pixels Fix: Filter minor drawing issue Fix: highlight display issue for icons on Title Bar Fix: Tab key click actions not working Fix: Permanent Group switching with mousewheel could cause an error Fix: reworked positioning calculation routines Fix: reworked expanding menus routine Fix: added indicator when "Current Permanent Clips" is empty (Window: Clip Menu) New: redesigned and works in Explorer Compatibility mode Fix: Clip Menu items not correct for "Current Clipboard" Fix: issue with Custom Macros and "STAYOPEN" command Fix: issue with "Paste Using" and Permanent Clips Fix: tweaks for visuals of expandable menus Fix: Mimic Text menu not disabled for non-text clips (Permanent Clips) Fix: reworked global hotkeys Fix: crash issue with Shared Groups and clips with associated icons Fix: focus issue with global hotkeys Fix: issue with bracket character in quotes in a command (Window: Edit Clips/Macros) Fix: new plaintext clips not always shown when created with Clip Menu Fix: Global hotkeys not listed correctly Fix: list control not refreshed when Popup Clips updated Fix: index out of bounds error may sometimes occur on History tab (Clipboard Monitor) New: updated Pre Capture Delay with automatic adjustments Fix: automatic workaround for possible "Cannot open clipboard" error (Java Script) New: new JScript engine New: added get Current Clipboard function to Java Script Fix: synchronization issue Fix: macro label issue (Configuration) New: added "Global Clipboard" section with setup information New: added "Making Backups" section Fix: all settings not saved on very first run Fix: "Move to Top" setting sometimes not loaded Fix: updated the Menu Items settings for font (System Tray) Fix: workaround for hover tooltip showing when Task Manager run (Misc) Fix: updated color for disabled text on the Popup and Clip Menu Fix: Global Clipboard stops responding on Windows Fix: workaround for database issue with duplicate hotkey entries Changes in v5.20 [download replaced by above version] (Popup) New: added Title Bar New: moved Filter icon to Title Bar New: System and Show More menus moved to Title bar New: Added "Pin to Desktop" mode to Title Bar New: Alt key now also toggles Title Bar shortcut keys New: optimized speed showing Permanent Clips Fix: prevent popup from displaying under Taskbar Fix: Search and Paste menu moved to Pasting Tools menu Fix: various visual improvements Fix: changed default font to system default for Vista and above Fix: minor color issues Fix: issue using Mimic Typing when displayed using the the Clipboard Bar Fix: improved scaled picture displaying Fix: visual shortcut key issue when a very large number of menu items visible (Popup Form Mode) Fix: sometimes activated Clipboard Only mode when Shared Permanent Groups used Fix: shortcut key issue after activating Fix: Esc key not working Fix: focus issue when only keystrokes are used to paste (Popup Filter) New: speed drastically improved New: results for removed clips now grouped into Clip Sets Fix: icon not disabled for Explorer Compatibility mode Fix: may cause an error when Clip Sets disabled Fix: added visual cue when no Removed Clips found (Clip Menu) New: add "Show More" to menu item New: reworked default settings Fix: issue when clicked and shortcut keys are not shown (Java Script) New: improved performance for error reporting and execution Fix: race condition could cause a freeze when executing Fix: "save To Popup Clips" function was appending a quote to the end of the string (Edit Clip Window) New: reworked how macros and scripts are tested Fix: improved Java Script error highlighting Fix: word wrap disabled for Java Script clips (Edit Clips/Macros Window) Fix: added Java Script category under Help/About (Permanent Clips) Fix: workaround for ALT "X" style global hotkeys not pasting Fix: clipboardsplit command issue Fix: redundant delays removed when executing a keystrokes/commands macro (Configure Window) New: Tab key now defaults to show shortcut keys for the Title Bar New: added Return Popup Focus When Pinned hidden settings New: added configuration option for the Title color Fix: Color Scheme examples not updating preview window Fix: reworked the Keystrokes/Click section Fix: Per-Program Options list not always showing icon for non-default settings (Clipboard Monitoring) New: changed condition where a picture and text is detected to copy both Fix: reworked the clipboard copy routine (System Tray) Fix: issue on slower systems using tray icon before program is fully loaded (Misc) Fix: adjustments to pasting routine Fix: database missing index performance issue Changes in v2.7.9 Fix: Many preview windows not wordwraping text Fix: Program icon on popup sometimes shows up as generic application icon Fix: Flush system tray menu items moved to a submenu New: Rich Text shown in Removed Items and Shift Click previews New: Find button in Removed Items New: [WAIT] command and 01-Sep-2017 00:35 command for Permanent Items with simulated keystrokes New: Edit Item window activated using the Ctrl Click menu, Edit History, or Removed Items Changes in v 2.7.6 thru v2.7.8 Fix: Resolved error dialog durring startup with richtext Removed Items Fix: Resolved crash displaying popup with specific Removed Items Fix: Immediate crash when there are no Removed Items Changes in v2.7.5 Fix: and solitary linefeed issue resolved New: Pictures support for popup menu tooltips (Unicode popup only) New: System tray option to disabled monitoring of specific programs New: Improved "Current" popup item support of picture formats New: System tray option to flush both text and non-text items New: "Recently Removed" popup menu item New: "Misc" popup menu item to streamline the popup, even in Full Mode Changes in v2.6.9 New: [Control Panel] - [Sounds] entry to play a sound when a new clip is copied New: Option to show all permanent items directly as submenus New: Pre Capture Delay variable added to Ars for a workaround to Office Fix: "Flush" items from system tray would display the main popup Fix: Problem with Accelerator keys, emulated keystrokes, and the Unicode popup Changes in v2.6.8 Fix: Program would freeze on some system showing the "Paste Method for" menu item Fix: Program would freeze on some system using hotkey alternative methods Fix: Error message when Save or Cancel not pressed in Permanent Items Fix: Send keys may error out if pasted quickly mutiple times New: "System" popup item in fullmode that shows the system tray icon's popup menu New: Flush Text / Flush Non-Text seperated on icon's popup menu New: Option to change popup font when Unicode is enabled New: Duplicate "Flush" menu items removed Changes in v2.6.7 New: Per-program pasting assignment option on system tray icon menu (For Example, always use Mimic Typing for CMD. Changes in v2.4.1 Fix: Permanent Items window re-written to fix numerous bugs Changes in v2.4.0 Fix: Fix for "Stack Overflow" message Fix: File version read "2.3.10" instead of "2.3.0", updated version to be sequential Changes in v2.3.0 New: Automagically detects clipboard chain breaks New: Snazzy Icons New: Detect email addresses when "Running" an item (opens email program) Changes in v2.2.9 New: Ctrl Click menu with Run/Preview/Paste/Clipboard options for the selected text item Fix: "No paste" dialog would not show up in the foreground Changes in v2.2.8 New: Configurable "Clipboard only" and "Make permanent" keystrokes New: SHIFT INSERT pasting option New: "Refresh Clipboard Monitoring" command on System Tray menu Fix: Copied text items with ampersands would generate accelerator keys Changes in v2.2.7 New: Option to disable system tray icon changes Fix: Better method of updating the system tray icon Changes in v2.2.6 New: Shift-Click pictures in the non-text items to preview them New: F1 Click to "copy to clipboard only" a non-text item New: "Flush" command in Full mode for text and non-text items New: Two system tray icon notifications when an item enters the clipboard: one for normal mode, and one for disabled mode Changes in v2.2.5 New: "Full Mode" command on popup to temporarily show all options New: Configuration option to show Permanent Items as a submenu New: F1-Click on a text item on the popup to copy to clipboard only New: F2-Click on a text item on the popup to make it a new Permanent Item New: Close the Preview window using keystrokes New: "Copy to Clipboard" command in Edit History Changes in v.2.2.4 New: Option to "Disable clipboard Monitoring when Scroll Lock is on" New: "Copy to clipboard only" dialog for console style programs New: Show "Edit History" on popup - configuration option New: Shift-Click on a text item on popup to preview it's full contents Changes in v2.2.3 Fix: Character encodings displayed wrong Changes in v2.2.2 Fix: Increased compatibility with other clipboard monitors New: Configuration has a new look New: 'Paste in reverse' option in "Paste Selected" dialog New: Dimensions are shown for pictures Changes in v2.2.1 Fix: numberous bugs in the Permanent Items edit window New: Configuration option to show "Switch to [Permanent item Group]" on popup Changes in v2.2.0 Fix: Linefeeds without Control Return chars in crashed Ars Clip New: Non-text items support (Experimental) New: Configuration option non-text items (Clipboard Options, Pasting) New: Previews on Edit History and Removed items Changes in v2.1.5 Fix: Minor changes for filename logic New: Configuration option for Removed Items New: Removed Items dialog Changes in v2.1.4 Fix: Testing for duplicate filenames New: CTRL Click will open/run files, folders, URLs items in popup New: About window for version and homepage info Changes in v2.1.3 Fixes - - tabs no longer make the popup too wide - focus is returned when ESC is pressed - work around for Win9X and large text Changes in v2.1.2 Fixes - - garbage appearing in history (Haven't I said that before??? 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